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UCPH bosses handed out morning croissants

Free croissants and a handshake were the bosses way of making the University a nicer place to work Wednesday

The university’s top brass treated central administration staff to a happy surprise this morning, as they greeted them on the way to work.

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen, Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm and University Director Jørgen Honoré were handing out free croissants to all staff.

All part of the strategy to make the University of Copenhagen a better place to work.


Renowned Copenhagen bakers Sct. Peders provided the pastries, one of the oldest in Denmark, it was founded in 1652.

The gift givers did disappear by 09:00 though, perhaps providing an unintentional rebuke for late comers.

Most staff seemed to approve judging by the amused looks on their faces. One staff member Birgitte thought »It’s great, a nice surprise in the morning.«

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