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UCPH: Creaking under pressure from speed-up

Coming reforms to speed up students' graduation times have not only infuriated students: UCPH administrators have protested that the reforms are moving too fast

Administrators at the University of Copenhagen worry that the reforms to get students to complete their studies faster, are moving too fast. They worry that the reforms will clog up the system with requests for dispensation and work arounds, reports Danish-language university news site

Copenhagen, as the university with the slowest average completion time in Denmark is being hard hit by a goverment imposed reform: Students are to cut 7.6 months of the time the spend finishing their Master’s degrees. The proposal has angered students, and apparently, also administrators at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH).

“The entire process surrounding the reforms has been forced, and the lack of a transitional period creates the risk that the reforms will simply be impossible to implement,” writes UCPH’s Anni Søborg, vice director for education, in a memo sent as a response to the goverment proposal.

Students will suffer

“There will be no time,” the UCPH response writes to “ensure the necessary involvement from the affected parties, to make the necessary changes to study programmes and make the concomitant changes to administrative systems.”

“There will be no time to inform and counsel students on the reform and the particular effect it will have on their study process. There will be students who risk experiencing the negative consequences as a result,” it says in the response-

Memo is attached (in Danish) below.

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