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UCPH Elections have started - here is how you vote!

Voting for this year’s University Elections has started. Students will choose a representative for the University Board. Find the link below to cast your vote and check out if there is an ongoing battle between candidates to represent your Faculty or Department

Voting for 2016 University Elections has started. The students will choose a representative for the University of Copenhagen’s (UCPH) highest authority, the University Board – and also representatives for academic councils, department councils, boards of studies and PhD committees.

The staff will choose representatives for PhD committees and for the new Center Council, BRIC (Biotech Research and Innovation Center).

What is at stake? A student position at the University Board as well as hundreds of seats for Boards of studies, Academic counsels, department councils and PhD committees.

Scientific personnel are also choosing representatives for their PhD committees. New Boards of Study at the faculties of SCIENCE and HEALTH, as well as for Biotech Research and Innovation Center ( BRIC)

The contested elections

While there is a battle for the position of representative for the University Board, most other elections for the councils and study boards are decided by “peace election”.

That means that the amount of people nominated for the available positions make up the exact number of people that can be elected. Which is why voting does not take place, those vying for the positions are automatically given a seat.

There are elections being contested at the following councils and committees.

The Academic Council at Faculty of Law
The Academic Council at Faculty of Social Sciences
The Saxo Institute, Department of Prehistoric Archaeology
The Study Board for the Bachelor in law at Faculty of Law
The Study Board for the Master in law at Faculty of Law
The Study Board for Global development
The Study Board for Department of Political Science

The Election ends Friday, 25 November at 15:00 hours. Did we mention that you Vote for the University Elections here

We wish you a nice election