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UCPH geography students on Svalbard - photo series

Geography student Laura shares her images from the first week of study placement on the arctic island archipelago of Svalbard

Glaciers, icy mountains, rifles, snowmobiles and dog-sled races.

Instagram shots taken by a University of Copenhagen student in the Arctic reveal the isolated beauty of Svalbard, the archipelago half way between Norway and the North Pole.

This spring, several UCPH geography students have braved the icy conditions to study permafrost and periglacial environments. They are surrounded by snow and based in barracks outside of Longyearbyen, the region’s largest settlement. A rifle and pistol are mandatory equipment for taking a long walk out in Svalbard because of the polar bears.

Learning about cold soil among glaciers

Laura Helene Rasmussen is a geography student at the University of Copenhagen. She’s taken up a placement at the University Centre in Svalbard to learn more about ‘cold soil’.

As the group’s ‘resident instagrammer’ for the week, Laura shared instagram shots of the students’ first week in the region. See the gallery below.

See the original shots on We Heart Science , the instagram profile dedicated to the activities of science students, researchers and alumni from the University of Copenhagen.

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