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UCPH guys win Danish programming championships

Computer science and math students crowned Denmark’s programming champions for the third time

Three students from the Department of Computer Science DIKU, and the mathematics department are Denmark’s best programmers.

Denmark’s championship was held last Saturday with 35 teams participating. The teams had five hours to solve 11 tasks of varying difficulty. With just one computer per team, the competition is designed to test the teams ability to work together under pressure.

The winning team, Lambdabamserne, consisted of Department of Computer Science students Soren Dahlgaard and Thomas Dybdahl Ahle as well as Mathias brook Tejs Knudsen who is studying mathematics.

To compete in Holland

The students know each other’s strengths and weaknesses inside out as they have many years of competition experience behind them, the DIKU website reports.

The champions accredit these attributes to their success, solving 9 out of 11 tasks the fastest.

Søren Dahlgaard says that “we each started reading a third of the tasks, to find out which ones we could quickly code. We know which tasks each of us are good at doing.”

The team can now look forward to participating in the North-West European Championship held in Delft in November.

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