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UCPH joins exclusive association of research universities

The University of Copenhagen secures better opportunities to help inform European politicians and decision-makers about the significance of research-focused universities for society.

When it comes to research, what does the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) have in common with the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and the University of Heidelberg in Germany?

They likely already have a lot of similarities between them. But now they are set to have another, following the news that the University of Copenhagen will join the other three in an association of 23 European research universities.

The association is called LERU (League of European Research Universities).

However a university does not simply sign up to be a member – it can only gain membership via invitation. Recently, UCPH was invited to join and will thus become a LERU member from January 1 2017.

LERU is a critical voice

LERU universities share knowledge and experience as well as collaborating to address research and education frameworks.

This means LERU is a critical voice for European research universities when it comes to European research, innovation and education policy. This includes the negotiations regarding the EU’s research framework program, which is something UCPH would like to be part of, according to a press release from the university.

“The LERU association is an important step in gaining more influence at the EU level and gaining a voice in decision-making in Brussels. By cooperating, sharing learning and knowledge with the other European universities we can increase the effect of UCPH’s research and education activities in Denmark and globally,” says UCPH’s rector Ralf Hemmingsen.