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UCPH professor appointed as digital adviser

Professor Stephen Alstrup of the University of Copenhagen has been chosen to help evaluate digitisation in Denmark

A new digital advisory board is set to discuss and evaluate digitisation in Danish society. One of these coveted spots on this board was given University of Copenhagen’s professor, Stephen Alstrup of the Department of Computer Sciences DIKU.

”40 per cent of growth comes from use of ICT [Information and Communication Technology]. In Denmark it is only 30 per cent, so we have a big potential in Denmark to pursue,” says professor Stephen Alstrup. ”I’m at the moment personally passionate about getting IT used in the classroom. With regard to teaching we – in my opinion – are looking at 30-40 years behind in terms of ICT development.”

The board was created by The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV), and its members are being referred to as the ‘Digital wise men’. This new council combines 11 experts from both academics and industries, and plans to create annual reports outlining technology options to streamline the public and private sectors. Their first piece of digital wisdom will be an evaluation of the NETS banking service.

Read more about this new digital council, or IT-Vismandsråd, here, in the Computer Science department press release.

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