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UCPH resumes action against Penkowa

UCPH wants to appeal Penkowa's fraud and forgery case to the Attorney General, after the case was dismissed by the police prosecutor earlier this year

UCPH says the case, which is thought to be one of the most serious cases of scientific fraud in Denmark’s history, falls beyond the five-year limit and should be considered within the more extreme ten year statute of limitations, reports

”We want to get to the bottom of the case concerning document forgery in Spain, and we have found that there are sound legal arguments for filing a case on fraud of a highly serious character,” says prorector Thomas Bjørnholm in a UCPH press release issued in June.

At this point, the case has been brought to the the Attorney General, who oversees the police prosecutor, says university communications deputy Jasper Steen Winkel. Winkel says that a further press release will be issued when further developments arise.

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