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Ukrainian student: I have been following this story every hour, every minute

His mother tongue is Russian, but he considers himself 100 per cent 'pro-Ukraine'. To him that means politically anti-Russian

An eyewitness to the recent revolution, University of Copenhagen student Sergiy Matyushenko is pro-West and anti-Russia in the present Ukraine stand-off.

“Russian is my mother tongue, and culturally I am more Russian than Ukrainian,” he says, and adds: “My childhood’s books were all in Russian,”

(See his featured account of the recent revolution here, where he describes how he travelled to Kiev recently to deliver cash contributions.)

Media plurality

Sergiy – who is taking his Master’s in Cultural Analysis at the University of Copenhagen – has no doubts where his allegiances lie In the current conflict.

“Politically, I am anti-Russian. In my view even in the East of Ukraine, educated people are pro-West in this conflict,” he says.

He cannot keep his eyes off the news coming from the current stand-off: “I have been following this story every hour, every minute on the internet, through specific sources and news streams,” he says, adding that the plurality of the media in Ukraine, even before the fall of Yanukovich, were part of the reason why the regime ultimately failed.

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