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Uni party of the year at CSS next Saturday

Every year CSS throws one of the wildest, biggest and best bashes of the spring season. Judging by the party-programme, new longer opening hours and dress code, party-craving students should hurry up and get their tickets

With over 6,000 people working and studying there, events at the Faculty of Social Sciences (CSS campus) are usually packed, and next Saturday 28 April the annual spring party promises to be one of the biggest.

Originally housing a municipal hospital, the old buildings of CSS in Copenhagen will be filled with a variety of parties. Each department at CSS will host their own bar, drinks, music and events. Guests can cruise and crawl from bar to bar as they please.

Dress code and theme of the CSS annual merrymaking is ‘Colours’. All departments taking part in the fun have been attributed a specific theme colour. Sociology students must dress in green, psychologists in black, political scientists in red, public health scientists in yellow, caseworkers in purple, and anthropologists in blue.

How to get in if you’re NOT studying at CSS

Tickets for the party will be DKK 50. They can be bought at CSS between 23 and 25 April, from 10:00 to 14:00. The get down starts at 19:00 and you’ll be asked to leave again at 04:00.

Students from CSS can buy a maximum of five tickets for friends who are not students at the Centre for Health and Social Studies.

So far there have been no announcements of who’ll be supplying the beats for the annual campus party. To keep up-to-date follow the event on Facebook here.

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