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University all set up for Friday event

Friday evening and night, 9 October, you have the chance to explore the innards of Copenhagens musums, offices, institution's and workplaces. The University of Copenhagen is in on it with freaks, gruesome body painting and a race between an algae and a sperm cell

For this year’s ‘Night of Culture’, the university is opening its doors, with a whole host of events all round the city. The University Post is, of course, no exception.

The Night of Culture is a newer Copenhagen tradition, with more and more institutions, museums and organisations taking part.

The University Post hosts a quiz evening down at the Studenterhuset, with a bunch of great prizes from 20.30 to 22.30. Come along down and say hello.

Something for everyone

The Faculty of Life Science hosts an impressive list of interesting things to warm up your Friday night with:

Witness ‘evolutionary’ music in the making, as German group Liquid Rockz puts live music to the Origin of the Species exhibition at LIFE, or let the Department of Food Science find out if you have good taste or not.

You can get your senses tested at the sens-e-bar, and if they are in working order you can indulge your sweet tooth – experience the transformation of chocolate from beans to tongue-melting sweets.

Music, invasive flower photography and mutants

If German musical experiments whet your appetite, or if you want something more traditional, SymfUni (the University’s student orchestra) are performing 3 small concerts of Dvorak and Debussy in Marmorhallen.

While you’re there, you might want to take a non-Scientology stress test or witness a microscopic race: What swims faster, a green algae or a sperm cell? Susana Neves’ exhibition Trip to the South Pollen also takes place there to add a new perspective on the way we view plants.

If you’re into four-legged ducklings, two-headed pigs and Cyclops-calves, the freaky exhibition at the Pathological Collection is for you, and the Zoological Collection is opening its doors to the public at 18:00, giving you the perhaps mildly unnerving chance to see stuffed animals in half-lit antique surroundings.

Read more about the collection here.

LIFE’s list of events is unfortunately not in English, but the pictures explain what event correspondents to which. Click here for addresses and times.

Drama and pill-making

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences) have borrowed historical machines, and invite you to learn about the production of pills, now and in the past.

They are also keeping their recently opened Museum of Alternative Medicine open late. Both of these open from 18:00 but an hour later they have a mysterious sounding, 30 minute Chemistry-circus prepared.

See Split and Splice at the Medical Museion to have your lung capacity measured, when the Faculty of Health Sciences has the Medical Museion stays open late.

Learn how to create gory special effects at the Faculty of Humanities, when they open their doors in the name of shock and horror from 18:00 onwards.

Once you have been painted black and blue, or had gunshot wound or a horrible break made-up on your body you will be more than ready to explore the rest of Copenhagen’s cultural treasures by night!