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University elections: Here are the contested votes

The list of candidates for the University of Copenhagen elections has been released. The elections for the following posts have more than one candidate, and will be contested in a vote

As usual, the biggest contest in this year’s university elections will be for the student representative’s place on the University’s Board. Here, technically, there are 22 selection lists, each with candidates for the board. But the idiosyncratic election system means that there are really only four leading candidates from their factions (‘parties’), the Student Council, ‘Frit Forum’, ‘Progressiv Agenda’ and ‘Konservative Studerende’.

Many of the elections for Academic Councils, Department Councils and study boards have only one candidate, and are therefore not contested.

The election starts in the week starting 25 November and takes place on

Elections contested by students

Board (22 lists)

Academic Council Law (2 lists)
Academic Council Humanities (2 lists)
Academic Council Social Science (2 lists)
Academic Council Health Sciences(2 lists)

The Department of Forensic Medicine (2 lists)

Law Study Board (2 lists)
Study Board for Biomolecular science and biotechnology (1 parallel list)
Study Board for Political Science (2 lists)
Study Board for Tværkulturelle og Regionale Studier, repræsentationsområde Asien (3 lists)
Study Board for Economics (2 lists)

Elections contested by research staff

PhD committee, Law (2 lists).

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