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University intake sets record

More students than ever before have been admitted to a Danish University this year. See the most popular subjects at UCPH and find out where there are still free spots.

Earlier this week, a summer of waiting came to an end when 88.000 aspiring students got their results from the KOT (Den Koordinerede Tilmelding), the state institution that places students.

While 60.537 students from all over the country could burst out in joy with an acceptance letter into a program of their choice, 20.654 had to face rejection. Still, the intake of students into higher education is at an all time high, beating last year’s number by 6 % for university students and 4 % in total.

The University of Copenhagen was by far the most applied to university and will in the coming semester welcome 7.286 new students but remain closed land for another 20.603, most of whom were admitted to programs at other institutions.

Most popular fields of study

Taking the seat as hardest-to-get-into is Molecular Bio-medicine, requiring students to present a staggering 11.8 average. As runner up comes Psychology with an 11.2 average and Medicine with 11.1.

Also Rhetoric, Antropology, Sociology, Film and Media Science and Political Science are on the top ten list.

UCPH can pride itself with offering six of the ten most demanding subjects. On top of the national list is International Business offered by Copenhagen Business School and asking for an average of no less than 11.9 to get in.

Still free spots

The averages for acceptance in universities has been on a continuous ride going up, which can be accounted for by the previous government’s change of the grading system, as well as the financial crisis that has made it less desirable for young people to take the so-called sabbatår (gap year of work and travel).

In spite of the 20.603 rejection letters coming from the University of Copenhagen, the university still has unfilled places to offer for aspring students who are willing to reconsider their career path.

Among others, students can still secure a spot for studying Middle Easteren languages, Asia Studies, Natural Resources, Theology, Physics, and Nano-science. The deadline for applying to free spots closes August 16 at 12.00. See the list of free spots here.

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