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University may need to modify green message

Staff and students don’t want to save energy just to save money on electricity, survey shows

When it comes to ‘green’ sustainability campaigns, then climate and environment messages motivate students and employees to a much larger extent than messages about the University cutting costs.

This is one of the conclusions that can be drawn from a survey among 650 staff and students, reports The survey was carried out by Green Campus, the University’s sustainability group.

The survey is good news for sustainability efforts: Nine out of ten students and staff support the UCPH setting aside ressources for energy-saving and sustainability. Half of respondents think that the University only ´to some extent’ works to reduce its energy use and CO2 emissions.

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Reason to rethink strategy

Stine Thougaard from the Green Campus office says that they will modify future campaigns as a result of the survey.

“Our previous campaigns have emphasised how much the faculty can save on electricity by using catchphrases like ‘Turn off a fume hood – Pay for a PhD’,” she says. A fume hood is a ventilation device.

“This survey gives us a reason to rethink that strategy,” Stine Thougaard says to

Green Campus, what?

The Green Campus itself may have to step up its self-promotion efforts, the survey suggests.

Half of respondents did not know what Green Campus is.

See more details about the organisation in the fact box right.

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