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University of Copenhagen uses less energy, cuts costs slowly

In the last four years the University of Copenhagen has grown considerably in student and employee numbers. University numbers show that energy consumption has dropped, while a calculation with the University Post shows an energy bill that is slowly moving from up to down

The University of Copenhagen is slowly growing green and, ultimately, saving money.

Project ‘Grøn Campus’ (‘Green Campus’, red.) has been working since 2008 to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 20 per cent from 2006 to 2013. The results are now showing, according to the Green Campus group.

The newest numbers show a reduction in total energy consumption by 13.6 per cent since 2006. There is no total figure for the University’s actual energy bill in these years. So the University Post had Green Campus help us count the costs.

Tricky calculation

Tomas Refslund Poulsen is project manager of Grøn Campus.

»Calculating the total energy bill for the University is tricky. All faculties pay their own energy bills. We simply do not have a total energy cost for the whole University,« he says.

Despite this Tomas Refslund Poulsen gives us a benchmark price of DKK 1,63/kWh for electricity and DKK 0,508/kWh for heating. This price is not precise.

DKK 171 million on energy

Our calculations result in a total energy (electricity and heating) bill for the whole University of Copenhagen in 2010 of DKK 171,205,560. In 2006 the energy bill was DKK 168,493,913 according to our calculations. The 2010 energy bill is thus an increase of 1.6 per cent.

The 2006 electricity bill includes the then independent life sciences and pharmaceutical sciences groups which merged into the University in 2007.

However, the rise should be seen in light of a big rise in total student and employee numbers (up and above the rise caused by the merger). Since 2006 the University of Copenhagen, including the formerly independent units, has grown with 10.8 per cent.

Drop since 2007

2007 was a year with high energy consumption. If we compare the 2010 energy bill with this year there is an improvement.

Here the bill dropped 4.1 per cent. In other words, there has been approximately DKK 7 million saved in energy bills from 2007 till 2010.

See our article which reported on last year’s data and projections here.

See details of the Grøn Campus campaign on the University’s intranet (needs log-in).

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