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University offered more summer courses in 2014

More summer school. And more and more courses in English at the University of Copenhagen

Intensive 9 hour schedules and sunny days spent indoors listening to lectures. This is how many students are opting to spend their summer break. In 2014, the University of Copenhagen offered 102 summer courses, 25 more than last year. This is according to a report in Danish commuter daily Metro Express.

The majority of the courses offer between 5 and 10 ECTS points towards a student’s degree. ‘Global Health Challenges’ is one of them. It attracted 75 students from 28 different countries to its two week intensive program.

“The program runs from 9-15:45 every day, but many opt to stay on and do the 2.5 hour option workshop. This shows that it’s about more than ECTS points. Students are here to learn, and are very passionate and involved.” says coordinator Alessandro Demaio.


According to feedback from students, Danish summer schools are more comprehensive, and the long days offer a full program.

Santiago Gonzalez is a biochemistry student who has taken summer courses in the UK and Copenhagen.

“I enrolled in the course to gain more knowledge and meet people with similar interests,” he says.

Professors from overseas

An advantage of summer school are that more professors from overseas universities, who can be attracted to Copenhagen during the summer break. The Global Health Challenges programme had a professor from Harvard.

The number of English-language courses on offer has gone up by 54 per cent according to MetroExpress.

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