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University orchestra campaigning for new timpani

SymfUni, the student orchestra, has gone seven years without timpani. That’s wrong. And you, dear reader, can help right that wrong

Ever since its inception in 2007, the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) student orchestra, SymfUni, has had to make do without timpani – the sonic mammoths also called kettle drums. To illustrate the importance of timpani, picture the theme from Space Oddysey: 2001 … with your ears … in your mind (or click this link so you don’t have to).

Now imagine that without the drums. It’s not the same is it? Damn right it isn’t!

To remedy this, SymfUni have started Timpani are awesome
Writing for the Guardian’s Hey, what’s that sound feature, journalist David McNamee has described the timpani as “The sound of distant thunder! The noise of tumbling avalanches! The booming heartbeat of the universe!”.

While those descriptions are volume-fetishistic, they’re actually true. It feels awesome (in both the modern and traditional sense of the word) to witness – a bone-rattling sensation. So how about passing on just one your weekend beers and giving that DKK 50 up to support a good, orchestral cause?

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