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University Post to be closed down as independent website

CUTS - Uniavisen's English-language media is to be closed down as an independent website. This is in response to the University of Copenhagen's required budget cuts. After the summer break, the University Post will move to, where it will mainly contribute translated Uniavisen articles

The cutbacks to the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) will now also have consequences for the Universitetsavisen media group.

In response to required cuts from UCPH management, we have chosen to close the newspaper’s English-language University Post as an independent website after the summer break.

The University Post has produced unique English-language content to international students, scientists and staff at the University of Copenhagen since 2009. It is the production of this unique content that we no longer have the ressources to maintain.

Instead the University Post will move to, which will continue to deliver daily English-language news to international staff and students at UCPH – now mainly in the form of translated articles from Uniavisen. At the same time, a common Uniavisen newsroom will incorporate coverage of the international target group in the newspaper’s general coverage.

We will continue to send out a weekly newsletter in English.

If you have any questions to the changes at the University Post, contact the undersigned on

Yours sincerely
Dennis Christiansen
Chief Editor