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University's picturesque waterway a channel of green slime

Dreamy, picturesque, water frontage no more. Water has been temporarily drained from the Faculty of Humanities trademark canal for a construction project

A stomach-lurching scene awaits you at KUA, the University of Copenhagen’s humanities complex right now. Students have turned up to class over the last few days to find the canal, Emil Holm Kanal, that circumnavigates the complex has been emptied of water, revealing layers of slimy green algae.

According to our reporter on the spot, the initial smell has subsided. But students are still perplexed, with one writing “where is the water?” under her instagram shot of the algae-filled canal.

Campus services weren’t entirely sure when the University Post called either.

Empty for a month

Luckily Ørestad Vandlaug, which manages the canal, had an answer for us. They said that they are adding new features after an architecture student won a competition inviting suggestions for the canal’s improvement.

“We are adding bridges, and some lights, so that people can get down closer to the water” said Frank Henriksen from Ørestad Vandlaug.

The canal will remain empty for a whole month, “then we will fill it up again,” says Frank Henriksen. “However the actual construction will not be completed until next February.”

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