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Up to a thousand guests at Life Sciences birthday

Your average Tuesday morning was turned into a huge feast

It was its 153rd birthday, and the Faculty of Life Sciences hosted a massive breakfast party for students.

World famous chef and honorary associate professor Claus Meyer was there to give advice on Nordic cooking. He is the co-founder of Noma, the Copenhagen restaurant recently voted the best in the world.

Meyer is known as an agitator for ‘The New Nordic Cuisine Movement’, which aims to minimize the use of non-local agricultural produce, hereby promoting environment-friendly food consumption.

See our photos from the feast here.

Should adopt local produce

»Having potatoes and meat with every meal, Danes do not eat healthy at all,« Meyer told the University Post before the event.

But »if we’re going to have a more beautiful food culture, we need to eat local produce,« he elaborated.

According to Meyer, the current food culture is not particularly good for people and definitely not for the environment. Yet he believes that every place in the world can promote a healthy food culture by adopting local foodstuffs.

Nordic cuisine on student budget

»There is a beautiful message hidden in the Nordic landscape which speaks about what can or cannot be eaten,« as Claus Meyer puts it.

Tuesday, Meyer let what the University Post estimates as 1,000 students in on how to be part of The Nordic Cuisine Movement on a student budget.

According to the Faculty of Life Sciences, the faculty spent DKK 60,000 on giving the students this memorable gustatory experience.

Food a hit

The international students that the University Post spoke to were excited about the food, if not a bit annoyed that the entire programme was conducted in Danish: (To be fair this was stated beforehand in the programme…ed.).

»It is a pity that they invite us and then the speeches are all in Danish. We don’t get a chance to understand what it is really about. So we can just eat and leave,« explained Alba, a student from Spain.

Still the food was a hit. See more photos from the event here.

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