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Upcoming lectures in May

Lectures in English at the University of Copenhagen. There's something for everyone, with subjects ranging from morphology to 'Beauty and business in Germany'

Development law

EURECO LECTURES – ‘EU Development Law: Dependence or Partnership?’ Morten Broberg, Law, University of Copenhagen
4 May 15.00-17.00
Annexe A, Studiegården, Studiestræde 6
Arranged by EURECO.
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Europe as a world power

EURECO LECTURES – Final honorary lecture: ‘Europe beyond Europe? From ever closer union to aspiring world power’ by Joseph Weiler, Professor of Law and European Union, New York University Law School
10 May 15.00-17.00
Ceremonial Hall, Frue Plads
Arranged by EURECO.
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History and politics in Vergil’s Aeneid

SAXO LECTURES – Inaugural lecture by Stephen Harrison, Oxford
12 May 15.00-16.30
New KUA, Room 22.0.11
Arranged by Saxo-Institute
See Saxo-Institute’s website here.

Morphology and semantics of Indo-European types

SEMINAR – with Professor Alan J. Nussbaum, Cornell University
18 May 10-12, 19-20 May 15-17
Arranged by Roots of Europe
See website here.

Beauty and business in Germany

SAXO LECTURES – With Uta Poiger, University of Washington
19 May 15.00-16.30
New KUA, room 22.0.11
See Saxo-Institute’s website here.

Management of tuberculosis

POLYMORFIEN – Lecture by Didi Bang, Mycobacteriology laboratory, SSI
25 May 15.00-16.00
SSI, Canteen
Arranged by Polymorfien.

Albanian in Indo-European, Albanian in the Balkans

SEMINAR –With Professor Brian Joseph, Ohio State University
25-27 May 15-17
Arranged by Roots of Europe,
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Rise of the modern state

SAXO LECTURES – Inaugural lecture with John Hall, McGill
2 June 15.00-16.30
New KUA, Room 22.0.11
Arranged by Saxo-Institute,
Read more on the Saxo Intsitute website.

Summer programmes

THEOLOGY – Programme for the summer 2010 includes five summer courses. Both Danish and international students as well as Open University students are welcome.

Our five programmes are:
• Genocides in Africa
• Kierkegaard: The Individual in Global Society
• Islam: Introduction to Islam in the European context
• Charles Taylor’s Theories on Authenticity and the Secular Age
• Coaching og teologi (in Danish)

Application deadline:
1 May for international students & 1 June for Danish students

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