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Upcoming: Nobel laureate David Gross to discuss quantum mechanics

David Gross received the Nobel prize in 2004, and will now hold a lecture in Copenhagen

Quantum mechanics – the spooky phenomena that occur at a subatomic level – is around a century old. In those 100 years it has transformed our world, by giving rise to the modern electronics. The powerful computer in your pocket masquerading as a phone, wouldn’t exist if the groundwork for the transistor wasn’t laid out by theoretical physicists in the last century.

David Gross is one such theoretical physicist. He shared the Nobel prize in 2004 with Frank Wilczek and David Politzer, for his discovery of asymptotic freedom: the tendency of bonds between particles to become weaker with distance in certain circumstances.

In his talk, Gross will discuss the wide ranging implications of quantum mechanics, along with the current challenge in physics of unifying all forces into one.

Daid Gross received his Master’s from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and completed his PhD in Berkeley, California.

Everyone is welcome to attend the talk, though registration is required. Register for the talk at Royal Academy of Sciences’ website.

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