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Upcoming university election - and now in English

For the first time, the University's election information will also be in English: Website on the way, says communication department. Hopes for the non-Danish vote

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) seems to be taking baby steps towards including international students and staff in its democracy. A short article on the university’s intranet promises the appearance of an English website soon.

»We don’t know when exactly the site is going to be up, but it’ll definitely be up before the voting week begins,« confirms Carl Hagman of the University of Copenhagen’s communications department. The University of Copenhagen election is for the powerful Board of the University, the individual study programmes ‘study boards’ and the Academic Council bodies.

The University of Copenhagen has been criticised, also in this media, for low voter turnouts. UCPH can now have some respite with the development of an English website to engage non-Danish speaking voters.

Just about enough information

The English-language version might not include all the information from the Danish website, but it’ll be sufficient to vote, confirms Carl Hagman of the University of Copenhagen communication department.

Election secretary Preben Liljendahl’s 2009 promise that the university will start producing election information in English seems to be finally bearing fruit.

The elections are held 19-23 November. International students and staff are eligible to vote just like Danish students and staff. Both the University Post, and its Danish-language sister media, will be covering this event with interviews, voting guides and reports.

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