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US: Increase in number of Chinese students

Steep rise in numbers is cautiously welcomed by admissions officials

University campuses across the US have seen a dramatic upturn in the number of Chinese students enrolling in the past few years, writes the education news site

While Chinese graduate students have chosen university campuses for a number of years, significant numbers of undergraduate applications from China are a new phenomenon at most colleges. US admissions officers welcome the interest, but many are concerned about a range of practical and ethical issues that come with recruiting and evaluating these students.

Practical and ethical concerns

They are concerned that direct recruiting in China difficult. This is coupled with a thriving industry in China, which provides assistance to applicants on identifying American colleges and helping them apply.

At times, the help goes beyond what admissions officers consider ethical, with reports of forged transcripts and test scores as well as applicants who do not live up to the language proficiency of their entry essays.