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US students attempt facebook to jump admissions queue

Prospective students befriend US admissions officers to get a foot in the door at top universities, says new survey

University applicants in the US use social network sites to improve their chances of being offered a university place, by sending admissions officers friend requests, a recent survey shows.

This is according to the US news website

According to a new Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions survey of admissions officers at 401 top US colleges and universities, 71 pct. of admissions officers at their school have received a Facebook or MySpace friend request from an applicant.

May not benefit applicants

Jeff Olson, executive director of research, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions warns that this tactic may not have the desired effect.

»We understand that college applicants these days are seeking any competitive edge they can, so many think ‘friending’ college admissions officers on Facebook will help them. But the reality is that these visits may not always benefit the applicant,« he says.

According to the report, only about one in ten admissions officers has ever looked at an applicant’s profile.

However, some college admissions officers have begun to accept Facebook friend requests, in order to interact with prospective students.