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Viral video of cloned blonde lures students to Copenhagen

A viral video success has doubled the number of international Masters students at University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Sciences.

The short video, which is posted on YouTube, starts in a laboratory with a group of geeky men in white coats. A pretty young blonde sashays across the room flicking her hair in true shampoo-ad style.

The researchers hurriedly collect one of the blonde locks, and a month later the lab is populated by not one but four stiletto-clad blonde bombshells. The film ends with the punch line:

»The power to create – the Faculty of Sciences, University of Copenhagen«.

Film attracts international students

The film has been viewed over a million times and won second prize in the Faculty of Sciences’ competition Moving Science 2009.

[video: width:525 height:380 align:center]

The number of international students on the faculty’s Masters programmes has increased from 37 last year to 75 this year, according to Joakim Groth, Head of Communication for the Faculty of Science. He does not think that the increase is a coincidence.

»The two-fold increase is most probably due to our international recruitment film (The Power To Create) and the expansion and professionalization of the faculty’s English website«, he says.