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Volunteering helps students with return panic

SPECIAL REPORT - THE MOURNING AFTER: Coming home, exchange students can ease the transition and stay in an international atmosphere by volunteering with Erasmus Student Network

Reverse culture shock is a real problem for many returning students, says Marketa Tokova of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), based in Brussels.

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ESN is a non-profit international student volunteer organisation.

»A lot of Erasmus students change during their time abroad. They become more adventurous, more independent. And when they get back, things may not have changed at all,« she explains.

Continuing ‘the dream’

»Some want the experience to continue. They want to carry on living the dream,« she says, and to a certain extent, ESN can help them to do so.

Returning students can join the ESN section at their home university, where they can, according to Marketa, experience a similar international atmosphere to that which they have left behind.

By joining their home university’s ESN group, returning exchange students can help to prepare and take part in activities for international students, such as trips, parties and cultural events.

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