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Voted 'most social' among information science students

Vasilis Galanos is a rapper, photographer and a free thinker. Ironically enough, he claims to be antisocial

A bridge between the locals and the internationals, talks to everyone without any discrimination, spends all of his days in the library, and has engaged many people while discussing his ideas.

These are the reasons why Vasilis, a student from Greece studying his Master’s at the Royal School of Library and Information Science (IVA) at the University of Copenhagen, was nominated for most social.

Every year, this faculty’s student association chooses one of their fellow students for the year’s social prize. This year Vasilis was the lucky winner.

DKK 3500 – and beer!

The social award ceremony coincided with the weekend of the study protests and blockade, and Vasilis had been up all night campaigning for student rights. He was found trying to sneak a nap in the library.

He says that a friend had to wake him up and drag him to the student bar, shouting “Get up! You shouldn’t miss this!”

The yearly winner receives an award of DKK 3500, and a shopping cart full of food and beer. Vasilis can thank his classmates for voting him as the most social person in the department, even though he considers himself to be antisocial. Outside classs, he is also a rapper and a photographer.

IVA ‘family’

The voting takes place through e-mail.

IVA is a smaller faculty, located a few blocks away from the KUA campus on Amager. Its remoteness creates the special atmosphere of a close community, throwing social events like movie nights, bacon-themed friday bars, and the yearly tradition of the social award.

“I’m very happy and thankful of being part of the IVA family” Vasilis says, “I hope that other students can experience something like this as well”.

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