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War of the Wardrobes: Boston student fashion

New international students are our troops, defending Copenhagen's honour against a US challenge. See them square up in our fashion contest War of the Wardrobes

Copenhagen’s last line of defence is a spirited group of international students as Boston University makes a surprise strike in our ongoing fashion shoot-out, the War of the Wardrobes.

New international students of the University of Copenhagen have two leitmotifs when choosing clothes for their first days in Denmark: ‘Water proof’ and ‘keep warm’. See the new international students of Copenhagen pose here.

Boston University students, posed for our former University Post reporter and Bostonian in a more diverse mixture of styles. Classy clothes, relaxed preppy, grunge and androgenous or ‘whatever it fits’, see Boston students here.

Who is the leading University so far?

Polls show that University of Copenhagen is ahead of Hong Kong (China), arch-rivals CBS in Copenhagen, San Diego (US) and Padua (Italy). However, Vienna (Austria), Wageningen (Holland), Seoul (South Korea) and Krakow (Poland) are giving Copenhagen students a sound beating.

Check out the battles below and vote!

Vienna vs. maths and chemistry

Krakow, Poland vs. Biocenter, Copenhagen

San Diego, United States vs. Life Sciences, Copenhagen

Wageningen, Holland vs. Faculty of Law, Copenhagen

CBS vs. Humanities, Copenhagen

Seoul vs. University of Copenhagen selection 1

Hong Kong vs. University of Copenhagen selection 2.

Padua, Italy vs. International students, University of Copenhagen

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