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War of the Wardrobes: Buenos Aires student fashion

Students from Buenos Aires, Argentina challenge the HCØ institute at the Faculty of Science in Copenhagen. Viva la 'Guerra de los roperos'!

Buenos Aires is the second largest metropolitan area in South America, and is known for being a ‘European-style’ city. The night-life is bustling, and culture and fashion seep through the cobblestones.

While in the city, University Post reporter Nathia Brandtberg infiltrated Buenos Aires’ biggest university, Universidad Catolica Argentina, and photographed students wearing significantly fewer layers than in cold Copenhagen (this was a few weeks ago, when Copenhagen was still in the grip of winter.

Fashion during exams

Meanwhile, in stark contrast, Copenhagen has for the first time in months, let a ray of Spring sunlight peek through. It is April, and everyone is fed up with sub-zero temperatures, and is determined to fight the unbearable.

Our reporter, Victor Yakimov, visited the H. C. Ørsted Institute in the Faculty of Science Faculty, to photograph stress-filled students during exam week. But most weren’t too busy preparing for exams to show off what they’re wearing, when they realised they were defending Copenhagen against Buenos Aires.

Who is better dressed? Vote on our poll below.

We have been almost everywhere

How has Copenhagen done against the world’s student fashion? Here are our 2011-2013 series so far and their results.

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  • Business school CBS vs. Humanities, Copenhagen

  • Seoul vs. University of Copenhagen selection 1

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