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War of the wardrobes: Copenhagen humanities students win best dressed

The University Post is proud to announce the winner of our intra-faculty fashion contest

For three months, we scouted for fashionable students around the University’s campuses in Copenhagen for our student fashion competition. You, our readers, have voted 1589 times and helped select a winner.

Taking the lead with 68 per cent, the Humanities students knocked the socks off the Social Science students in our final showdown. The Faculty of Humanities thereby takes the prize as the most fashionable faculty at the University of Copenhagen. Congrats!

See their green stockings, summer ponchos and oversized t-shirts here. See also the Faculty of Humanities in earlier playoffs here and here.

Soon our fashion quest will go global and morph into our international ‘War of the Wardrobes’. We will line up the best candidates from our Campus Catwalk series and let them compete with snappy dressers from universities around the world and at home. More on this later.

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