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War of the Wardrobes: Copenhagen student fashion shoot-out

The War of the Wardrobes is back with a fresh and funky fashion face-off. This time we’re not leaving the country. But our battling teams are worlds apart! Can the University of Copenhagen out-cool the Copenhagen Business School?

One city. Two universities. And their takes on fashion are worlds apart. The Post’s reporters have managed to set up competition between the tree hugging hippies of Humanities, representing the University of Copenhagen, against the preppy yuppies of Copenhagen Business School. The scene is set for a classic and definitive showdown.

As the story goes the Faculty of Humanities, KUA has always been well known for its artsy, geekish and pseudo-intellectual looking students. They won our Campus Catwalk. In the other end of this opinionated spectrum, we find CBS, the business school where people supposedly flaunt their Gucci bags and stride up and down campus in suits and sexy secretary outfits.

Now it’s your turn to decide once and for all! Who’s too cool for school and who’re just too dull? We’re looking forward to seeing how you feel and as we’re always on the look out for great style and brave hearted street icons, feel free to send us your fashion footage from the university back home or any other campus you’re at in the world!

See the CBS representatives here

View what KUA has to offer here

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