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War of the Wardrobes: Hong Kong student fashion

War of the Wardrobes round two

Two weeks ago, we lined up the best Campus Catwalk candidates next to snappy dressers from Seoul, South Korea.

With 63 per cent of the voters, the Koreans completely outdid our representatives from University of Copenhagen.

Now we have re-assembled a stylish collection of representatives from Copenhagen to compete with students from Hong Kong University. Check out the student fashion galleries and vote below!

See the University of Copenhagen representatives here

View what Hong Kong has to offer here

This is our last War of the Wardrobes stand-off before the Summer break. War of the Wardrobes continues in August where new sets of Copenhagen students will face off students from throughout the world.

Going back home and like to take photos? Send in your set of pictures from your home university. Drop us an e-mail if you need further details.

Remember to take out the first War of the Wardrobes here!

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