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War of the Wardrobes: Krakow student fashion

Students from Krakow, Poland reckon themselves a serious challenge to Copenhagen's claimed fashion supremacy. See them face down biology students at the Biocenter, Faculty of Science

The beautiful old city of Krakow (or Cracow) in Poland was once the powerful centre of a dynasty of kings, the Jagiellonians.

Now, the students of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, flaunt a royal sense of fashion. They launch a direct challenge Copenhagen’s students: What makes you think you are so smart?

See the looks from randomly selected students from Krakow in an impressive array of well thought-out outfits here.

No outdoor types here

Defending the University of Copenhagen’s fashion honour this time is the Biocenter at the Department of Biology, the Faculty of Science.

Oh No! (you think). Outdoor types with rubber boots and anoraks. Wrong! They are, apparently, serious in terms of style, also indoor style. Judge for yourself here.

And don’t forget to vote below.

Compare and vote

See our previous fashion showdowns in our War of the Wardrobes series here and vote:

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Status so far

So what is the status so far?

Wageningen University in Holland appears slightly more popular than the University of Copenhagen, taking 51 per cent of the vote, and Seoul has sprinted away from us. But our voters have Copenhagen leading against Padua, Hong Kong, CBS and San Diego.

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