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War of the Wardrobes: Paris student fashion

It's the final face off in the War of the Wardrobes and the competition couldn't be fiercer! Can the trendiest students posing at the Royal Library, Copenhagen beat those of Paris?

In our last War of the Wardrobes edition we pitted students found at an art event at Copenhagen’s Faculty of Humanities versus the students of Stockholm’s Karolinska Research Center. The Swedes proved themselves to be worthy competitors, with the University of Copenhagen just nearly in the lead. If this win holds the University of Copenhagen students tie with their international competitors for most fashionable.

The only thing left now is one final showdown – an ultimate tie-breaker. We choose to pit university students our reporter found at the Black Diamond against a series of Parisian students our French reporter found while visiting his home town at the Luxembourg Gardens near where no less than six institutions of higher education are located.

Who do you think is the best dressed? Check out the styles of Copenhagen’s trendiest students at the Black Diamond, here and then the their elegant French fashion opponents, here. Then vote for your favorite at the bottom of this article.

See how Copenhagen has stacked up so far

Do you or do you not think that Copenhagen can square up against the world’s campus fashion? Here are the previous galleries and their results.

Stockholm, Sweden vs. Humanities art event, University of Copenhagen

Vienna vs. Copenhagen maths and chemistry

Boston, United States vs. New international students, Copenhagen

Krakow, Poland vs. Biocenter, Copenhagen

San Diego, United States vs. Life Sciences, Copenhagen

Wageningen, Holland vs. Faculty of Law, Copenhagen

Business school CBS vs. Humanities, Copenhagen

Seoul vs. University of Copenhagen selection 1

Hong Kong vs. University of Copenhagen selection 2.

Padua, Italy vs. International students, University of Copenhagen

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