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War of the Wardrobes: Prague student fashion

In our campus fashion series, our friends from the Czech capital reckon they are better dressed. The greenhouse Café 'Væksthuset' gets to take up their challenge. But you decide!

Prague is the historical capital of Bohemia, and is home to the oldest university in central Europe, Charles University. Bohemians are characterised by unconventional, artistic styles. Would students at Charles University live up to the reputation of their region? See the gallery and decide! Photos by our former University Post reporter Marie Czuray.

On the other side of the ring, are the fashionable LIFE campus students. The photos are taken at the green-house café, or Væksthuset as it is known to Danish students. It is a literal greenhouse, which has been transformed into a place for students to sit down with a cup of coffee, their lunch, or their textbook. Can they hold a candle to the Bohemian style that prague offers? Maria Constantin has ventured inside the café to photograph the students residing therein.

Who is best dressed? Vote in our poll below.

We have been almost everywhere

How has Copenhagen done against the world’s campus fashion? Here are our 2011-2013 series so far and their results.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina vs. Natural Science Faculty, University of Copenhagen

  • Calgary, Canada vs. LIFE, University of Copenhagen

  • Stockholm, Sweden vs. Humanities art event, University of Copenhagen

  • Vienna vs. Copenhagen maths and chemistry

  • Boston, United States vs. New international students, Copenhagen

  • Krakow, Poland vs. Biocenter, Copenhagen

  • San Diego, United States vs. Life Sciences, Copenhagen

  • Wageningen, Holland vs. Faculty of Law, Copenhagen

  • Business school CBS vs. Humanities, Copenhagen

  • Seoul vs. University of Copenhagen selection 1

  • Hong Kong vs. University of Copenhagen selection 2.

  • Padua, Italy vs. International students, University of Copenhagen

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