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War of the Wardrobes: Strasbourg student fashion

The final, final showdown. After exhibiting Copenhagen campus fashion since 2011, it is time to bid farewell to our beloved fashion feature series, War of the Wardrobes. To honour the occasion we pit the elegant and stylish Université de Strasbourg in France against the newest of Copenhagen's hotspots, the new KUA2 campus building

Strasbourg is a city of unity. More than 2,000 years old, it is historically German-speaking, although situated in France. Catholics and protestants coexist in peaceful harmony here, along with the largest Islamic place of worship, the Strasbourg Grand Mosque. Despite being only the ninth-largest metropolitan area in France, Universitè de Strasbourg is France’s biggest university: it is home to 43,000 students, and 4,000 researchers.

Where diversity flourishes, so does fashion. Our reporter Nathia Brandtberg was there on a study assignment, and we got her to photograph the university’s student style, and pit them against our home team of University of Copenhagen. Check out Strasbourg here or scroll down to below this article.

Finally, summer in Copenhagen!
The Faculty of Humanities, at the KUA buildings, consists of students studying a range of subjects, from Literature and Religion to History and Film. As our reporter, Alix Feldman, found out, their fashion sense seems to vary just as much as their fields of study. Check out the pictures here.

The new KUA2 building at the University of Copenhagen is the perfect backdrop to our final series. This bright new building has lots of bright colours and big windows, and boasts a tranquil rooftop terrace. This stylish new building perfectly complements its equally stylish students, who are finally outside and enjoying the long-awaited summer weather!

Who is better dressed? Vote below!

Over the years, we have been almost everywhere…

Want to reminisce? Check out how Copenhagen has done against the world’s campus fashion since it all began in 2011.

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