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War of the Wardrobes: Wageningen student fashion

Dutch university challenges Copenhagen law students to fashion duel

Just like us, you have probably been bored stiff waiting: But at last we are back with new pics for the War of the Wardrobes series. This time we will keep you browsing through the winter months.

A former University of Copenhagen exchange student is our connection to Wageningen University in Holland.

So we square off her campus style against Copenhagen’s in the first of our new series of fashion showdowns.

Permission to pose, your honour!

We wanted see some sharp dressing, so we chose the Faculty of Law to represent us in Copenhagen.

Fashion and law are often connected. Take f.ex. TV-series such as Ally McBeal and the infamous Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. Can the law students of the University of Copenhagen match up to our TV expectations?

Are these eight law students the new fashion conquerors of the War of the Wardrobes? Or will they be flattened by the land of the wooden clogs and the tulip?

Compare and vote

Check out the contestants from Wageningen University in Holland here:

Check out the contestants from the Faculty of Law here:
And vote below.

See our previous fashion showdowns in our War of the Wardrobes series here and vote:
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Padua, Italy vs. Internatonal students, University of Copenhagen

Status so far

So what is the status so far?

The University of Copenhagen was floored by the style of Seoul in South Korea. But our voters have Copenhagen leading against Padua, Hong Kong, and CBS. Biased? We hope not! Give the others a chance!

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