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War of words over meeting on Penkowa

Head of the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology Albert Gjedde calls ex-TV staff member an 'amateur horse rider' and ridicules her on the comments section of the Danish section of this site, Universitetsavisen

In a surprise development, the Head of the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology Albert Gjedde, ridicules a source quoting a confidential meeting with him on the Penkowa case.

The former TV station staff member who met him and is quoted in Universitetsavisen is an ‘amateur horse rider’, with an axe to grind, he says. This is in response to the staff member’s own comment underneath the article.

»On reading the comment from amateur horse rider Berit Wheler, who has the the alternative names Berit Wheler Sørensen and Berit Wheeler, who I mistakenly thought was Lotte Sørensen from the DR programme ‘Ha’ det godt’, I now note that Berit admits that she was on private business, as she really was on leave from DR, where she worked as ‘writer’, ‘director’ and ‘self’ (?) in the years 1998-2010,« he writes.

I know I was recorded

His response comes to a comment by Berit Wheler where she on the one hand applauds the article, but apparently claims to have been misquoted. She re-affirms that she was not acting in a professional capacity seeking to make a TV programme at the time of the meeting with Gjedde. She was at the time undergoing re-training as a nurse, she writes.

She finishes her comment with the statement: »I know my interview was recorded!«

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