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Watch out! Police to stop bikes this week

Traffic police are out to enforce bike traffic regulations in campaign until Friday, write media

Don’t bike on the pavement, stop at all the red lights even if you are taking a right, and this evening, put on your lights.

Danish tabloid site reports that police are out on a nation-wide bike raid – police are particularly on the look-out for cyclists without lights.

In a tough move, police recently increased the fines on bike traffic violations. (See box right.)

No cell phones, riding wrong way

Wrongdoings will be enforced with a DKK 700 or DKK 1,000 fee. It is even possible to receive a double or triple fee if you’re committing several offenses at once.

Apart from the small misdemeanours mentioned above, bike violations include talking on a handheld cell phone while riding, not giving way to appraching traffic when signs ask you to, and riding your bike opposite the direction of traffic.

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