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Wave of theft hits Central Campus

Series of burglaries and incidents at the main university buildings at Nørregade 10. Increased security to be put into place

Saturday night, 9 March, thieves broke into the University’s museum building on Central Campus, stealing several PCs and iPads.

Last Thursday, 14 March, the crime occurred in the daytime: An employee had his iPhone stolen from his office. Monday evening, 18 March, a third potential crime was averted, as an employee spotted two suspicious looking men who quickly disappeared when police were called.

According to the latest reports on, a wave of theft has apparently hit the central campus, where the University of Copenhagen’s main administration is located.

Staff advice: Stay vigilant

In the last instance the thieves had gained access to the museum building by breaking a window on one of the doors – the third time this particular entrance has been compromised.

As operations manager Erwin Koster reports to, these windows have now been replaced with reinforced glass, and video surveillance has been updated. A security company has also been tasked with overseeing the buildings at nighttime.

Employees in Nørregade 10 are advised to lock their office doors, remain vigilant, and call the police as soon if they see anything suspicious.

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