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We won! UCPH sprints to victory in DHL's first university race

University of Copenhagen takes the inaugural contest between universities in the world's largest running race. Team Medicin X01 from the Faculty of Health sprints to victory

‘Medicin X 01’ from the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Health and Medicine passed the line in 1 hour 43 minutes, a minute ahead of ‘Ku-Isim Chillerrunners’, also from the University of Copenhagen.

Roskilde university RUC took third spot, DTU fourth. Eight of the ten fastest teams were from the University of Copenhagen.

DHL is the biggest annual fun run in Northern Europe and has a huge University of Copenhagen following. Universities have thousands of staff and students taking part in what has become a massive social event. It is organised by Copenhagen track club Sparta.

More updated university results will be forthcoming. But here is the raw result feed from the organisers.

See selected results from the university contest, and the internal UCPH contest, in the fact box to the right of this article.

A mobile phone picture of the top university results can be seen here.

Stay tuned – more pictures and results will be forthcoming! See a selection of photos below.

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