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Weak Student Council smile

The huge Novo donation to the University of Copenhagen is fine. But education should not be given a low priority while fancy specific research projects are embellished, say student representatives

While the Student Council congratulates the University of Copenhagen and the Faculty of Health Science on the huge donation from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, it maintains its criticism of the lack of investment in university course teaching and degree education.

Too much funding is earmarked for research, the students say.

»The present cutbacks of the 2010 budget have hit the university degree programmes hard, where layoffs and hiring freezes have been the direct consequence. It is therefore untenable that large sums go to specific research while the university teaching and education is bleeding to death,« says chairman Bjarke Rubow.

He calls for political action to ensure more non-earmarked government fundíng to the University of Copenhagen and more subsidies through the Danish public taxameter subsidy system.