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Welcome to the University of Copenhagen: Here are five important dates to remember

New student 2022 — Here are five important dates to remember, just to make sure your new life as a university student is off to a good start.

Congratulations! You have been accepted at the largest university in Denmark. Before starting your new life as a university student, here are a few dates you should make a note of.

25 August: The Student Council’s intro event

As per tradition, the Student Council welcomes new students at an informal, but informative, event where you can meet your fellow new students, and more experienced students, from throughout the university. This year, the event takes place on 25 August from 14.00 until late in the evening.

Everyone meets up at Karen Blixens Plads on South Campus. Keep an eye out for the sign with the name of your study programme. Find more details about the day here.

26 August: Matriculation Ceremony

The Matriculation Ceremony is the university’s official welcoming event for new students.

The University Post will have a quiz with nice University of Copenhagen (UCPH) merch as prizes. Rector Henrik C. Wegener will give a speech, and there is a concert with the Danish-Albanian rapper Artigeardit. It all takes place on Friday 26 August 14-17 at Frue Plads, 1168 Copenhagen K.

You need to register for the matriculation to be able to join in. New students have been given a registration link in connection with their notification of admission at the end of July. You can also follow it via Facebook or via


5 September: Semester kicks off

Over the course of August your new tutors will do everything in their power to prepare you for what lies ahead and ensure that you get a great start at the university. In week 36, which begins on 5 September, the intro parties are over and it’s time to bury your head in your texts and enjoy the quiet, contemplative atmosphere of the study hall (until the first Friday bar that is). Your first semester at University of Copenhagen kicks off.

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Not everyone has their first class session in week 36, and it is of course not certain you will have class on Mondays. Check out the university’s course catalogue: Find your course and get details about the time and place of the course with the link under ‘see form’ on the right-hand side.

New student in Copenhagen?

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30 September: If you can, apply for a Danish study grant

As a full degree EU student in Denmark you can get SU, the famed Danish study grant, which is one of the most generous in the world. But the rules are complicated, and non-Danes need to have a paying part-time job before you can apply. You can do this no earlier than one month before the month in which you are entitled to receive it. This means that you can apply for SU from 1 August to secure your SU from September.

If you don’t want to be cheated out of it for the month of September, you need to apply for SU no later than 30 September. Whip out your Danish MitID app and apply via MinSU here.

9 June 2023: Grand festival at your uni

Pat yourself on the back. You are a real University of Copenhagen insider now. UCPH is so ‘street’ that it has its own festival. Next year, the festival will open on 9 June, and there is plenty to look forward to, even though it is far out in the future. Regularly go back and check the UCPH festival website.

There are usually 16,000 students and employees who are good at partying. Tick it off on your calendar app now and look forward to partying with the other faculties to lots of concerts and events across the entire university.

… And then there are all the dates on your own study programme that vary from course to course. Including intro days, parties and so much else. You can find the dates that are relevant to you, on the programme pages on the University of Copenhagen website.

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