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Well placed shadows and flags win prizes!

The results of the University photo competition, »Copenhagen: I never saw that before« are in! Pavel Lukeš' picture of a bike wins the first prize of two CPH Cards from the Wonderful Copenhagen. Second prize goes to a shot of a well-placed flag at World Out games, by Emma O'Callahan

The University Post chose this photograph by Pavel as the winner of our competition because we think it captures the essential Copenhagen method of transportation in front of a backdrop of contrasting brightness and shadow.

See the two winning photos and the some of the best entries to the competition here.

Copenhagen contrasts

The winning photographer, Pavel Lukeš says, »The picture was taken very, very early in the morning when you could hardly spot somebody on the streets. I think it nicely shows the contrast which is present in CPH.«

The judges agree with Pavel that it reflects the two sides of Copenhagen: the lively and the dull. The picture, according to the photographer from the Czech Republic, was taken very early in the morning. The sharp light and the eye catching lamppost shadow is an optimistic representation of Copenhagen. As the sun rises, the energy and light replaces the darkness.


Second prize went to Emma O’Callahan. She captured an unusual Copenhagen moment at the World Out Games in the summer. The caption is World Out Games Closing Parade – anyone missing their flag?

Emma O’Callahan writes, »I don’t know whether this is exactly “appropriate” but I believe it suits the theme perfectly!«

See the photo that won second prize here and judge for yourself whether it is “appropriate”!