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West is best in sketch test

'Draw your professor' winners announced. Top prizes given to competition drawings. It was truly hard to choose

Our competition to ‘Draw your professor’ has finished, and the entries are in. We received ten drawings.

The ten drawings are available to view in the gallery here.

Our shortlisted ten are given place of honour on our gallery, but a big congratulations to our top two, the first prize is a Bosch Tassimo T65, that brews all kinds of fancy hot drinks. With this is a stash of coffee, tea and cocoa. The second prize is a smaller version of the same machine (a T20), with another stash of goodies.

Flatters the Minister

The competition entries seem to flatter the Minister of Science. (He is the guy responsible for university funding, that is why our Danish section and the Univesity Post is sucking up to him with this competition option). Four artists have portrayed Morten Østergaard.

Maria Toft’s drawing stuck out amongst the great drawings. Maria has designed an auditorium where we share her perspective from the back row. She does not know what the teacher says, because she can not see him or the board.

An obvious candidate for the great coffee! But we have to settle for an honorable mention to Maria’s drawing, she sits in our prestigious gallery instead, as a respectable consolation ‘prize’.

Two winning portraits

We are pleased to announce, and save the best for last, the top two winners of our grand prizes.

Meik Brüsch wins second prize. Stine West wins the top prize.

Stine West’s minister is smug and realistic, Stine’s work includes more than the actual drawing, she has worked with both the canvas, lighting and location.

What is European Spallation Source?

What is European Spallation Source? We have no idea. We tried to look it up. There is something about Stine West’s (35 years old) sketch that makes us think.

Thank you for your drawings and happy brewing!

Check out our short list of ten drawings in the gallery here.

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