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Wet fleet won 2015 mad campus boat battle

Annual Campus Cup boat race on the canals near the Faculty of Humanities. See the photos

For most students the first Friday of the new study year means socializing at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), but for many students at the Faculty of Humanities it also means kayaks and costumes. On Friday 4 September CampusCup took place for the second year in a row. The event is coordinated with and connected to the IT University of Copenhagen located next to the UCPH Faculty of Humanities and here teams from both universities battle it out in a game of kayak sailing and drinking in the canal.

Photo by Emma Flokstra Nielsson

The rules are simple: teams of four (or for one team three) people compete against each other. The first person sails to the middle of the canal, rings a bell and sails to the other shore. Here each member chugs a beer, spins around 10 times, gets back in the boat, sails back, and the next person on the team is up. The first team to have all members finish wins the race!

Photo by Emma Flokstra Nielsson

UCPH was, to say the least, underrepresented with just one team ”Det Åbne Svælg” (roughly translated – ”The Open Throat”) in the race, but that team ended up winning for best team spirit. The winning team was last year’s runner-up ”Den Våde Flåde” (”The Wet Fleet”), who received tickets for next year’s Trailerpark Festival.

Photo by Emma Flokstra Nielsson

Check out more photos from the event by Emma Flokstra Nielsson in the gallery below.

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