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Where are they now: Former reporter Camille

Camille was a reporter for the University Post. She was inspired by Copenhagen's biking culture, and now works as an intern for the City of Vancouver

After my stay in Copenhagen and a year spent at home in Montreal and Quebec City, I finally landed in Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. I have since been studying for my Master’s in urban design and planning.

I am now learning how to build more sustainable communities in the city that has the ambition of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020. Between my courses, I hike the steep mountains surrounding the city.

Biking in Copenhagen had a lasting impression on me! And my interest for biking followed me all the way to the Pacific coast; I now work as an intern for the City of Vancouver on secure bike parking. Biking in Vancouver is good, although not quite as easy (and especially not as flat!) as Copenhagen.

Looking for winter in Vancouver

Vancouver, unlike most of Canada, doesn’t really get snow during wintertime.

As a good Canadian missing a real winter, I headed with some friends to the mountains for some winter camping near a hot spring last January.

For two of my friends on the trip, it was going to be their first experience of snow. All excited, we packed the car with snowshoes and warm clothes and left for the mountains – only to find out the pouring rain awaiting us at the camping site!

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