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Where are they now? Former reporter Petra

After life as a journalist, Petra will head to Africa to help students in the Congo

What has happened to me since I reported for the University Post?

I moved back to Hungary – to my parents’ house.

More interesting, but since I am an African Studies student, maybe less surprising, is that I started my internship at Foundation for Africa in Hungary. The Foundation operates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, and Hungary. It maintains orphanages, primary and secondary schools, and also supports university students in Africa.

Summer in Africa

Currently, I work at the Budapest office (which I am totally in love with!), but I am looking forward to visit our African offices during this summer. I am not looking forward to get all those vaccinations, but I hope it will all be worth it!

In May, I will return to Copenhagen and try to finish this semester with good results. If I pass all the exams (fingers crossed), I can start to write my thesis and by summer next year, I will officially be a master in African Studies.

You can see more about the Foundation for Africa that I work with here.

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