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Where are they now? Former reporter Sarah

Sarah was a reporter for the University Post. Now she is a photo journalist, taking photos of the likes of President Barack Obama

Considering that the University Post was the second place to ever publish my work (the first being the McGill Daily, back home in Montreal, Canada), I can say a whole lot has happened since leaving Copenhagen, just one month shy of four years ago!

Upon my return home and the completion of my bachelor’s in Political Science, I decided to make the move to Boston to pursue a Master’s degree in Photojournalism. I had the chance to learn from amazing veteran photographers and landed an internship at Harvard University. Something that started out as fun collaborations with university papers during my undergraduate degree and a passionate hobby for photography has now evolved into what I hope will be a long-lasting career in photojournalism.

I am now back in Montreal, working both as a freelance photographer for various publications and a full-time photo editor for the newspaper La Presse.

I don’t get much free time but I really love what I do. I would have to say that the highlight of my experiences in photojournalism so far has been shooting President Barack Obama leading up to the 2012 elections – that is me in the photo, waiting patiently for him to emerge from Air Force One in New Hampshire. I mostly enjoy shooting political events (not surprising for a poli sci major!) as well as features, documentary, travel, food and editorial photography. Although the newspaper I work for is slowly but surely shifting toward digital (our tablet app, La Presse +, really is quite amazing though), I am still a bit old fashioned and I love seeing my work in print. Nothing beats the feeling of opening a crisp new magazine and seeing one of my photographs.

I look forward to finishing my thesis photo-project at the end of this year, when I will be spending 3 weeks documenting the lives of rice farmers in Indonesia – specifically, in Bali.

In the meantime, you can see some of my work on my blog ( – or, if you read French, in La Presse. Needless to say, I miss Copenhagen almost every day and I hope to be able to return for a visit soon!

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